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Rideshare Collision Network shop’s are a group of independent shop owners that know what it’s like to be self-employed and not receive the best service, and discounts from bigger more powerful companies. PLUS we care! We are not under any contract or in agreement with the Insurance companies to give them discounts. For this reason we can offer you better service with Uber/Lyft approved rental cars. Deductible Assistance; This is a case by case situation and we look forward to explaining to you what we can and can’t do. We are appreciative of you choosing to use us for your Auto Body Repair needs. We want to prove it to you and achieve recognition in the rideshare community and show we are valued in your industry and become a well known and recognized for great customer service. We look forward to working for you and working with your insurance provider. We want your experience a stress free while giving you a proper collision repair.

Good question! You can use the free online estimate form that will connect you directly with your local RCN shop. From there they will determine if you need to turn in a claim. If the damage is minor, paying for repairs yourself may be your best option. For example, if you have a $1,000.00 dollar deductible and the repair shop determines the repairs can be performed for 1200 are you going to want this on your driving record for 200 dollars and have your Insurance rate possibly go up 30 to 50%? Probably not. Locate your RCN Shop and let us help you decide what your next step should be.

NO, You have the right to choose your repair facility, they might tell you this up front in the beginning and when they give a copy of their Estimate. ( if they provide you with one) But then tell you all the reasons why you should go to their shop, Don’t do it.
DRP stands for Direct Repair Program and it may sound very convenient that they have these programs but you won’t get the personal service you get from a truly independent smaller shop. These DRP programs include parts and labor that are discounted for the Insurance Company, nothing for you! The DRP shop has to protect their used and aftermarket part usage quotas to stay on the program and often that leads to delayed repairs. You are in control over how you are treated and how you and your shop of choice want to fix your car. Once you give in to the system, You will lose. Yes they are generally big nice looking shops but read up on their history, and reviews. Make your own choice, it’s your vehicle! Due to past lawsuits and steering laws forcing the insurance companies to say and print "you have the right to choose" Make the right choice and go with Rideshare Collision Network, we work for you!.

Rest assured, your car will be repaired to its factory specifications and look great once again. All RCN shops take pride in their repairs and the technicians that work on your car have the training needed to restore your car back to it pre-accident conditions. RCN Shops only employ I-CAR and ASE certified technicians that are true craftsmen of their trade and continue in the training to insure you receive the best in Collision Repair.

Good question, the Claimant in an accident is the party NOT at fault, has no deductible, and by state laws have certain rights. The claimant is the victim of the unfortunate accident and should not have to pay any out of pocket expense. This includes Tow and Storage, Rental Car, Housing if stranded out of town and possibly loss of income if missed work. Rideshare Collision shops have helped thousands of customers through this tough time. We are here to help you!
The Insured is the party found to be at fault and is subject to their policy limits and will have to pay the Body Shop their deductible. If you did not buy Rental Car coverage then you will have to pay for the rental car, ask the shop if they have any loaner cars or reduced rental rates for you.

Yes, this is a big question and has some variables. We can’t or should I say won't make claims we can’t back up! There are state by state laws and some guidelines to go by, but don't feel you can't ask, we want to help you anyway we can and will do are best to make this unfortunate accident be less of a financial stress on you. Remember we work for you, we are here to help you in every way we can. When you submit your claim with any of our shops you may qualify for $250 Gift card, use it any way you want.

Yes, we are partnering with HyreCar and A1 Car Rentals. You can get back to work driving commercially as soon as possible. Check your policy for rental car rates and limits and work with your RCN shop to determine what the best course of action is for you.
You may need to download the HyreCar app and apply for a car; It may take up to four hours to process the request and another 24 hrs. for Uber or Lyft to approve you. You and your RCN claims handler will work together to get you in the car you need today!

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