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Rideshare Collision Network

What should I do if I'm involved in an Accident?

  1. Breathe; Yes take a breath and breathe. Check on your passengers and yourself and evaluate if you need to call 911.
  2. Are you safe? Is the vehicle in a safe place? Are the people involved safe? If not, move to a safe place. Do not drive away except to move to a safe place. Turn the key off and turn on your hazard lights. Put out reflectors or flares if needed.
  3. Do not admit fault! It’s too soon to say I am sorry, check if all parties are ok and be patient with upset people, understand their day and yours just got changed and no one plans on being in an accident, but it happened, and like adults you can move past it.
  4. If needed, Call 911 If there are any injuries or major damage, you need to call 911. Most states require a police report if the damage is major or there are any injuries and you do NOT want to drive away if you think someone is hurt. They could file a report later that day or the next. Protect yourself and call 911 if you suspect anyone is hurt. In some states, police reports are required but in most if the damage is minor the police will have you exchange information and move on.
  5. Wait... Well maybe not: Wait for help that’s what others might tell you to do, but you are self-employed and a bit of a go getter so you may find yourself taking pictures of the accident scene, exchanging information, contacting your Rideshare Provider to report that you’re out of commission for a short time (they will be sending you paperwork to fill out) and contacting your closest Rideshare Collision Network Shop.  * REMEMBER do not admit fault, and breathe.
  6. Exchange information and document the scene: After making sure you and any passengers are uninjured, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Take pictures of or write this information down we have provided this printable PDF so you can print this out and keep it with your Proof of Insurance and Registration it’s a good idea to have it handy as a reminder.
  7. Stay in Control: Have your vehicle towed to your shop of choice! If the vehicle is not drivable or blocking the road the police will call for tow trucks. That’s ok tell the officer you want the vehicle towed to your body shop.
  8. Find your Body Shop: Body shops have helped thousands of customers proses accident claims and will be helping you from here on out, ask if they will help you with your deductible and if they have Rideshare approved rental cars so you can go back to work tomorrow (take today off) stay in control of where your vehicle is going, you have the ability to negotiate with the repair facility if you choose them. If the Insurance takes control of the vehicle and sends it to their shop the shop will be under there agreements and you won’t be able to ask for Deductible assistance or a rental car that is approved for commercial use (Rideshare Driving) If the Tow truck driver takes to his yard that’s OK, the Body Shop can pay the advanced charges (tow and storage fees) and have it towed to the repair shop the next day, you should not be asked to pay for anything. All charges will be added to the claim and paid for by the insurance company. The officer should ask you where you want it towed; this is important, stay in control. The Highway Patrol is there to keep the roads safe if you call your insurance or Road side Service you need to tell them it’s been involved in an accident and ask there ETA. If you have had time to make contact with your local Rideshare Collision Network shop they may have a tow truck or tow service that can provide the tow to your shop of choosing. The police should ask you if you have a tow service primarily to see if you have AAA but if the vehicles are blocking the road they will notify dispatch to send tow trucks to clear the road ASAP.
  9. Am I the claimant or the insured? If you are found to be at fault by the insurance company you will be the insured and your policy will determine if you have rental car coverage, the amount of your deductible and the particulars of your policy limits. If the other party is found to be at fault you are the claimant and should be compensated for all repair costs and any out of pocket expenses including loss wages, hotel if you were out of town and rental car for the time of repair. Your body shop contact can help you with all this. Stay in contact with them and they can guide you through this unfortunate event.
  10. Notify Your Insurer and Uber/Lyft: When you call in to your insurance to report the incident they will take down the information and it will generate a claim number, ask and write that claim number down that will be key for the body shop to assist you in moving forward. Rideshare apps have an "In case of an accident" tab located on their app that will start the reporting with them. If you haven’t already, look for in your rideshare app for the "I was involved in an accident" link as they may have specific requirements for you.

Here is a checklist that you may want to print and keep with your registration "just in case of accident".

checklist of things to document if you've been in an accident

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