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Wow, it works! Our new website with the online estimating system has generated over 20 leads in the first two months and generated over $20,000 in sales! The manager’s page helps me track the leads and makes it easy to follow up with customers from start to finish! This is the best advertising money we have ever spent!

Deva Smith

Manager of A1 Collision & Bumper Center in Citrus Heights, CA

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Quality Active Leads

We connect you with qualified customers with active claim’s looking for an auto body shop. We are using active current direct social media marketing to target Rideshare Drivers that are looking for repairs right now!.

Return on Investment.

You’ve spent and spend money on marketing your shop(s). You've spent money on a website, you've taken the time and effort to have a business Facebook presence. You've earned a reputation through hard work using online reviews. We'll not only be marketing your shops in your shop's areas, but we're linking all of your activity together and expanding your active online presence which will aid your shop(s) becoming the choice by organic search engine optimization.

If you don't have a website, or arent't happy with what you have, we can help you with our managed and integrated solutions as well!

Increased Exposure

We all have heard the “internet is the future of marketing”, and our websites are the billboards to attract future customers, but at what cost and how are we actually going to do this with the majority of customers being steered to DRP Shops? Is it even possible? Yes it is! Using today's technology we can target certain profiles of customers that are looking for a body shop.

Lead Tracking

What good is a lead if someone drops the ball? With the Rideshare Collision Network system, your shop managers get notified of leads and owners can review response time, lead status etc. Did the deal close? Was it lost? With RCN, you can track all of the important elements of the leads you get using our system.

How are we different from the last website or social media marketing sales guy that called you?

Rideshare drivers make up one of, if not the largest fleets in the world. In your city, they are subcontractors to the larger companies like Uber and Lyft but often receive no benefits from them relating to collision repair. We market to rideshare drivers directly. They choose their repair shop and the shop is under no contract or obligation to give parts and labor discount to the insurance company or the company they drive for so your ability to serve your customers is still intact. 

From our CEO Dan Dewater
We strive to be different from conception. Like you, I’m a shop owner and this marketing company is being developed by a body shop owner for other body shop owners. Not from a marketing company that thinks all businesses are the same. Like you probably do, I get nauseous when being marketed by a salesman comparing my company to a restaurant or tire shop, or even a tuneup shop thinking all automotive companies are the same. Collision shops are unique and are one of the few companies that are a third-party pay and the customer is steered and directed to go to your competitors and your competitors are fed by the DRP relationships they have with the insurance company. I understand the uniqueness of marketing a body shop to customers that don’t use a product or service on a regular bases and will most likely go with there insurance approved shop. That's why we created this company for the smaller INDEPENDENT shop owners to work together and use modern social media marketing techniques to reach the Rideshare Drivers.

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